Professional Wood Staining in Bismarck

Since 1994, Precision Wood Finish has been providing local residential and commercial clients with the services they need and results that deserve. We offer the finest in wood staining in Bismarck, ND and the surrounding areas.

It starts with our free estimate and concludes with you getting the finished project you thought you could only dream of.

Spray Stain

spray stain bismarck ndSpray stain is a great options for a variety of wood projects. Of course it is important to work only with a pro who understands which service works best for which type of wood and project. Let us show you our previous work and review the options that you have available.

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Chemical Coatings

wood chemical coating bismarck ndFor some circumstances, chemical coatings such as polyurethane are the best way to go. We will see what type of wood you have or want to work with and offer suggestions from there. Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to your wood stain project.

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fast drying wood stains bismarck ndThe benefits of fast-drying stain are obvious. This is ideal for work we may do on-site especially for components of your every day living. Take care or doors or other wood surfaces that get everyday use with fast-drying stain.

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Penetrating Wood Stains

penetrating wood stains bismarck ndFor some projects, deep penetrating stain is the best way to go. This helps ensure that the stain truly soaks in. Of course since it can alter the wood color, it is essential to only work with pros who understand how it all works.

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Special Applications

wood staining bismarck ndSpecial applications really help make your project unique and one of a kind. We have a variety of useful techniques we can utilize to achieve this unique look. We want to be a part of turning your vision into reality.

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cabinet glazing bismarck ndGlazing is another exciting option available. We can take a look at the project at hand and determine if this would be the best approach. One thing is for certain, you are going to love the final results, especially when it comes to cabinet glazing.

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Gel Stain

gel stain bismarck ndGel stain is a great option for projects in which you do not need the natural wood grain to be the star of the show. It can be tricky to use, especially in situations with corners and crevices. All the more reason to only rely on a pro to get the job done for you.

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Wood Stain Samples

Want to see samples of our wood stains? Click here to open an image featuring a variety of wood stain colors we can achieve for you.

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If you would like an estimate for wood staining in Bismarck or the surrounding areas, please call 701-751-2848 or complete our online request form.

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